I attended a seminar in November 2014 in London entitled The Art of EMDR Supervision. It is important to hold onto the creative aspects of the Supervisory process as well as the role of being a monitor of safe practice and clinical knowledge. I found this workshop useful.

In December 2014 I attended a workshop in London entitled Using EMDR with Veteran and Military Clients. The facilitator had been a soldier and his material was relevant and well presented.

In March 2015 I attended the annual EMDR Conference which was held in Brighton. I found Arianne Struik’s half day presentation entitled: DON’T LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE: Treating Traumatically Traumatised Children very inspiring and her Six Steps assessment tests are a useful guide to ensuring that appropriate preparation is in place prior to attempting any trauma work.

The Conference also addressed working with First Responders and how to appreciate their work culture and adaptations to chronic exposure to traumatic incidences. On the final day, how to work with Grief and Mourning from an EMDR perspective was discussed.

In April I attended a seminar on working with clients who have a history of complex trauma – Trauma and the Body: Somatisation & Dissociation. This was an excellent seminar, presented by a survivor.

The organisation is called PODS: Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors.

In July I attended another PODS seminar entitled: Trauma, Dissociation & Recovery, another well presented research based seminar, which offered many useful clinical insights in how to work effectively with childhood trauma in adult survivors.


In July also I attended a presentation given by Dr Martin Teicher a world renown neuropsychiatrist whose current research explores how maltreatment of children impacts on their brain development : When People Hurt Children What Happens to their Brains? The outcomes from his research clearly states how chronic low level neglect, emotional & physical abuse as well as sexual all impact at different stages of development. He also explored how different individuals develop resilience.

I am going to be attending a two day workshop in London in early October entitled: ‘When There Are No Words: EMDR For Early Trauma & Neglect’ by Sandra Paulsen from USA.


I have started to learn some basic Arabic in order to hopefully work with clients who are fleeing from persecution and war in the Middle East. I thought that it would be useful to have a little ‘smattering’ of their language, so that I did not have to totally depend on a translator!


I have enrolled in an Advanced Poetry Course in Brighton, as I really enjoyed the two terms that I completed last year. I find that it is another creative outlet, and helps me to be more creative with my own clients also!


In September I hope to be able to volunteer for one day per week at a college in Crawley to assist the staff and pupils who may have unprocessed traumatic experiences, which impact on their schooling, education and ability to manage stressful situations. I may be involved in trainings, group work, supervision and some therapeutic input.


I intend to share whatever knowledge that I have gained over the past 20 years as a counsellor and registered psychotherapist with my Community in whatever way I can now.



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