Conference Attendance

I shall be attending the 2 day EMDR Conference in London on March 24th & 25th. I have also registered to attend the 3 day International Conference on Attachment & Trauma being held in London 12-14th May. Attending the 2018 2 day EMDR Conference in London in...

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Helpful hints for emotional well being in 2016

So many people are unable for a variety of reasons to seek the support of a counselor or psychotherapist. I have therefore devised, a practical list of interventions that each person can put in place to help them get through some difficult emotional times. Sleep: is a...

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Called – Reflections August 2015

I attended a seminar in November 2014 in London entitled The Art of EMDR Supervision. It is important to hold onto the creative aspects of the Supervisory process as well as the role of being a monitor of safe practice and clinical knowledge. I found this workshop...

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