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Relationships are one area of life where many people in Cranleigh could benefit from counselling, but sadly many couples only seek the services of a Cranleigh counsellor when it is too late and too much damage has been done. It’s a myth that your relationship has to be in crisis for you to seek counselling – in fact, many couples find that by seeking counselling very early when problems arise, they’re able to prevent those issues from becoming crises.

Some of the reasons why you might choose to see a Cranleigh counsellor about your relationship include the following:

  • you’re not communicating as well with each other as you used to
  • you feel as though your relationship is stuck in a rut
  • you don’t feel as though you have as much fun together
  • you’ve been through a crisis like bereavement or financial loss together but are struggling to work together to overcome it
  • one of you is under undue stress at work
  • one of you is having health issues
  • you’re no longer prioritising your relationship since having children or a promotion at work
  • you’re feeling tempted to be unfaithful.

These are just some of the times when it can be a good idea to seek relationship counselling in Cranleigh sooner rather than later. By addressing and dealing with smaller issues, you can actually strengthen your relationship, re-build stronger lines of communication and become intimate again. So don’t see relationship counselling as the sign of a failing relationship – it can actually be the sign of a healthy partnership.

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