About Me

I have been working directly with clients since 1995 and in private practice since 1999.  I am qualified as a UKCP registered psychotherapist in 2003. EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant since 2014. Clinical Supervisor since 2004.

Services and specialisms

While I offer a full range of counselling and psychotherapy services, I have a special interest in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex traumas, and am an EMDR Accredited Consultant.

I see all kinds of people...
  • People with problems related to traumatic experiences in childhood, such as abandonment, neglect, illness and loss.
  • Adults who find it difficult to form and maintain relationships, for example, with issues around divorce, domestic violence, depression, anxiety or anger management.
  • Clients who struggle in a stressful workplace, which can result in physical and mental fatigue.
  • People who are suicidal, who may have identity issues or unprocessed traumatic memories.
  • Clients who feel their life has become meaningless and lacking in purpose.
  • Parents who have difficulties parenting their children, who are experiencing chaos or rigidity in their daily lives.
  • Those experiencing pain and medically unexplained symptoms.
  • People going through panic attacks and performance anxiety.

Over the past 20 years my theoretical approach has evolved due to a variety of influences, and trainings. I have developed an Integrative approach which focuses attention on how an individual’s early life experiences can have a profound impact on their social as well as emotional development.

How a person’s well being can be constricted and stunted by neglectful or inadequate parenting, which influences their ways of thinking and perceiving the world throughout adulthood. The impact of unprocessed traumatic and overwhelming life events can be so easily blocked off (dissociation) from awareness and can surface much later in adulthood in some surprising ways.

Somatic illnesses, such as migraines, low back pain, fibromyalgia, bowel problems etc. can be associated with early experiences of loss, abuse, neglect and abandonment.

I have therefore integrated an EMDR model of therapy which addresses the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE within an Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) framework which addresses how trauma becomes an embodied experience, and needs to be worked through the body in order to be released and eventually reintegrated in a more adaptive and healthier way.

The models of therapy that still inform my practice are based around the Humanistic, Sensorimotor, relational psychoanalytic and Ego State models.

I hope to keep adjusting and adapting my practice according to the needs of each client and informed by my ongoing professional development.

I draw my theoretical understanding from a variety of models, including relational psychoanalytic, humanistic, ego-state therapy and sensorimotor psychotherapy.

I have also adapted and adjusted my model and practice of counselling and psychotherapy, as a result of my ongoing learning and work experience.

I have become much more aware of how all life experiences are embodied, and can manifest themselves through physical problems in the body, in particular through trauma and medically unexplained symptoms which can result in disease.

I have an awareness of how our dreams and our unconscious processes have a profound impact on our way of being in the world, and I am mindful of Carl Jung’s work around primitive processes and the role of archetypes in our society.

Qualifications & Accreditation

My qualifications and accreditation include the following:

  • EMDR CONSULTANT Accreditation – EMDR UK & Europe (2014)
  • EMDR Accredited Practitioner – EMDR UK & Europe (2009)
  • Certificate in Clinical Supervision – Metanoia Institute (2005)
  • MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy – Middlesex University (2003)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy – Metanoia Institute (2003)
  • Diploma in Psychological Counselling – Roehampton College (1997)
  • Certificate in Pastoral Counselling – Surrey University (1990)
  • Clinical Nurse Teacher – London/ Guy’s Hosp (1983)
  • State Registered Nurse – London/ Royal London (1979)
  • Working with Dependency in clients with Complex Trauma – webinar. April 2020 (3 hours)
  • Working with Dissociation via Telehealth during Covid pandemic. – webinar. April  (3 hours)
  • The Inflammatory Response: Understanding inflammation and the immune system in states of mind. London. Feb. 2020.
  • EMDR in the treatment of OCD & Trichotillomania. Brighton. Jan 2020.
  • The Advanced Flash Technique workshop for Trauma. London Oct. 2109
  • EMDR Mini Conference – Sussex Regional Group Brighton 2019
  • EMDR Annual Conference. Birmingham 2019 (2days)
  • Intensive Training in Treating Dissociative Disorders. London 2018. (9 Day workshop with Kathy Steele).
  • EMDR & Dissociation: workshop. Brighton. Oct 2018.
  • EMDR Annual Conference. London. 2018 (2 days).
  • Congress Attachment and Trauma: The resilience of mind and body. London. May 2017 (3days).






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