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One of the most common issues that counsellors in Horsham see is post-natal depression (PND). This is relatively common for women (and even some men) soon after having a baby. It’s not clear what causes PND – there is some evidence that it could be down to hormonal imbalances, while other experts believe the impact that becoming a parent has on a person’s life can lead to PND. No matter what the cause, seeking the support of a Horsham counsellor can be a very effective way to help women to process their feelings and move on from PND to enjoying parenthood.

However, in addition to seeking the services of a Horsham-based counsellor, there are several things anyone who’s suffering from PND can do to look after themselves. These include:

  • reducing the pressure on yourself – you don’t need to be a perfect parent
  • take time to look after yourself and your health
  • take advice with a pinch of salt – don’t feel under pressure to do things in a certain way, just because people tell you to. Find out what works for your baby.
  • Talk about it – don’t be afraid to tell your partner, friends and family about how you’re feeling.
  • Get help – if PND is threatening to overwhelm you, it’s important to get help from a suitably experienced Horsham counsellor. You won’t be judged or have your baby taken away from you. It can be a real relief to talk in a safe and non-judgmental space, and be supported to help yourself find a way out of PND.

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